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6 Things to Do Every Day (for a Clean Home)

There are 6 things I do every day to keep my home clean. I don’t know about you but there’s nothing I love more than a clean home. There’s something about a clean and uncluttered living space that makes me feel like I have my life together. Being able to walk into the living room without tripping over toys, preparing food in a kitchen without a sink full of dishes and relaxing in a bedroom without a pile of laundry on the floor are all things that bring me joy. I know, I’m pretty lame. However, as much as a clean home brings me joy, there isn’t anything else that can have the complete opposite effect on my mood than having to clean my house. I don’t want to spend hours a day cleaning and organizing my home. How can I enjoy my clean home if I am always spending my time cleaning it?

Well, I narrowed it down to the top 6 things I have to do every day that really make a huge difference in the cleanliness in my home. I’m not talking about how I use to clean my room as a kid either. You won’t see me stuffing things in closets or tossing items in “catch-all” baskets. These, my friends, are the 6 things that I do every single day that have leveled up my home and kept me from breaking my back cleaning it every day. Let’s get into it.

Make the Bed

Ok, ok, ok! I know this is a very common “tip” that pretty much every one swears by and recommends. Seriously though, they are not wrong. I was never a bed-maker person (if that’s even a thing). My reasoning behind this thinking was that I was going to waste my precious time and ever-fading energy making my bed, only to mess it back up later that evening. It seemed sacrilegious, honestly.

However, after deciding that I needed a morning routine that implemented things I normally did not do, it felt only natural that I should try making my bed every morning. I promise you, this single act alone changed my life. Not only does it make me feel like I am ready to start my day, it instantly makes the room look cleaner. No kidding. I could have crap all over my nightstand or my husband could have his dirty socks on the floor, it will still look cleaner than if the bed was unmade.

Now, about those dirty socks. Making the bed every morning also, strangely enough, makes me want to tidy up the rest of the room. Usually, after admiring how pretty my bed looks once its made, that stinky sock catches my eye. How could I leave my beautifully made bed to exist in a room with dirty socks?! Completely uncalled for and unheard of! Those socks end up in the hamper and my room looks pristine once again.

“Making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.”

~ Charles Duhigg

Manage Clutter

Boy, oh boy! I use to be the Queen of clutter. I saved everything and I mean everything. I had beer labels that had been folded into hearts 17 years ago that I refused to toss out. Did you hear what I said? I saved beer bottle labels. In other words, I saved garbage. No joke. When we moved 2 years ago to the house we are in now, I decided I was going to finally free myself of the clutter. I had no idea how much this clutter was weighing me down. I swear, I probably made 12-15 trips to Goodwill to drop off donations before our move. They do say that one (wo-)man’s trash is another (wo-)man’s treasure. The last thing I wanted to do was pack up a bunch of unnecessary junk and physically move it with us to the new house.

Not only did this save time when it came to moving but it drastically cut down the time it took for me to unpack once we were in the new house. Everything had a place. Honestly, even if my stuff was not in it’s place, I didn’t have enough physical stuff anymore to make my living space look cluttered. This instantly makes my home appear cleaner.

It also had an affect on the vibe of my house. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me. Does it make me crazy to say that I even feel like the air in my home is lighter and more crisp? LOL It’s so true. It feels like negative energy has been removed and replaced with positive vibes. Positive vibes only please.

“Clearing the clutter in your physical space will go a long way toward clearing the clutter in your mind and relationships.”

~ Peter Walsh

Sort the Mail

This is a big one. I know earlier I said there is nothing I cared less for than cleaning my home…but I forgot about mail. I use to have stacks of mail all over my house and in my car. I will say though that my intentions were good. I always intended to sort through it later when I had time but you know what? I never did find that free time.

Now, what I do is sort the mail as soon as I get it. Let’s face it, we all kind of skim through our mail when we first get it right? Use that time that you’re skimming to sort the mail. Put all the junk mail in a pile to be thrown out and the rest of the mail in another pile. This is where I take it a step further.

I use a mail organizer that has three slots. I put all the mail that needs my immediate attention into the first slot and everything else in the second slot. The third slot is where I put mail for the other members of my family. They know to look here for their mail. Not only does this method keep me from having piles of mail all over my house but it also lets me organize my mail in a cute way. This is the exact mail organizer I use.

“Discourse is fleeting, but junk mail is forever.”

~ Joe Bob Briggs

Clean as You Cook

Have you ever found a delicious recipe online and decided to make it? However, once your masterpiece was completed, were you left with a huge mess in the kitchen? Flour and sugar sprinkled on the counters, egg shells strewn about along with every seasoning bottle in your kitchen? We’ve all been there and it isn’t pretty. This is why I am an advocate for cleaning as you cook.

When I am cooking, I put every ingredient I use back to it’s rightful home immediately after I use it. I will even take it a step further. Once I am done with a pot, pan, cutting board or spatula I will wash it, dry it and put it back. By doing this, I am left with a clean kitchen even after I just prepared dinner for a family of five. This is probably one of the most effective cleaning tips I use that keep my kitchen clean.


“This is a self-cleaning kitchen. Clean up after yourself!”

~ Unknown

Wipe Up Spills While They’re Fresh

This is something I wish every member in my home would adopt, but they haven’t. This is probably why I insist on doing most of the cooking. Cleaning up dried food splatters, burnt casserole dishes and sauce pans that have been sitting over night take some serious elbow grease. Elbow grease, which is something that I do not want to muster up to be honest. Yet, here I am, wanting a clean home.

I always keep a microfiber cloth next to the sink that I use to wipe up spills as soon as they happen. These are the cloths that I use and let me tell you, they have changed the game. I prefer to use these instead of paper towels. Not only are they more cost effective but they are better for the environment. That’s a double win, my friend. The really come in handy for any spills or splatters that might happen. The best part is when they get dirty, I just throw them in the wash and they are as good as new.

“Never cry over spilled milk, because it may have been poisoned.”

~ W.C. Fields

Sweep the Kitchen Floor

I do this every night before I got to bed. It only takes a couple minutes and I don’t have to worry about all the crumbs and dirt plotting against me throughout the night while I slumber. It is especially quick and easy with my dustpan. I did not think one appliance could have such an impact on my life. I’m obsessed with my EyeVac and it was the best money I ever spent.

Not only does this prevent debris build up on the kitchen floor but it also prevents pests. There is nothing worse than seeing a marching line of sugar ants coming into the kitchen because of a chocolate chip morsel from yesterdays cookie bake-off that fell onto the floor unnoticed. Is it weird that I find it fulfilling? There is something about sweeping up the “dirt” from the day and throwing it away that brings me inner peace and keeps my home clean.

“Do you want to be great? Pick up a broom and sweep the floor.”

~ Mother Teresa

There you have it! Try implementing all or some of these tips into your daily routine and see if it makes a positive impact in your life. I certainly feel like these six tips have changed my life and my home. What are some daily routines that you do to keep your home clean?

Another area of my life that I like to keep “clean and organized” is finance. I use different budgeting sheets to keep me organized. All the sheets I use I have uploaded to the ‘Free Stuff‘ tab above for you to download for free. Also, if you’re interested in starting a budget or maybe you just want to simplify your budget, here are a few tips on how to do just that!