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Kylie Jenner ‘s French Toast Recipe

Breakfast with Kylie Jenner

It is a tad bit hard not to notice in the media when billionaire beauty mogul Kylie Jenner does anything. She could buy a bottle of juice at a store and before you know it, everyone is buying the same juice. It can be viewed as being a little ridiculous but I am guilty of it too…to an extent.

Like so many others, I follow Kylie on social media and she made a post on her stories showing herself making french toast. Of course, I was intrigued. I figured most celebrities have personal chefs that prepare all their meals. I was sort of enthralled by the fact that she was cooking. So, I continued to watch.

Kylie proceeds to make what she refers to as “Flakey French Toast.” Basically, it’s french toast that is coated in crushed corn flakes that give this recipe it’s flakiness. I’ve had something similar to this before but it was coated in crushed Cap’n Crunch cereal. I am not going to lie, it looked delicious as she was preparing it.

I decided to give it a try and make Kylie’s Flakey French Toast for breakfast. I recruited my kids as official taste testers and started setting up in my kitchen. Watch now for the full recipe and try it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. If you try this recipe, leave me a comment below about what you thought of it. I’d love to hear from you.