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Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck

Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck

Yep, you read that right, not a fan. New Year’s resolutions suck almost as much as diets and budgets lol. Anything that makes me commit to certain rules or tries to stuff me into a perfectly gift wrapped box is honestly not for me.

Our brains are actually wired to revolt against conformation. Think about it. From the time you were able to pick up a pencil to write your name, you favored one hand over the other. To this day (unless you’re ambidextrous) you still write with your dominant hand. This is because our brains have been wired to know that we use our right (or left) hand to write. Have you ever tried to write with your non-dominant hand? Yeah, so have I lol. It’s pretty difficult to do. This reminds me of resolutions.

Why are resolutions so difficult to stick to? Well for me, I have a routine. I like things a certain way. I mean, who doesn’t? Now I have made a resolution that requires me to adapt and stick to it immediately because if I don’t, then I fail. Therefore, I am a failure. Sheesh, this does not sound like a good time amiright? If I didn’t mention before, New Year’s resolutions suck!

This is the same concept behind why diets don’t work. Forcing yourself to conform to something that takes you out of your comfort zone is a recipe for disaster. Now I know people will say, “But Melissa, being out of your comfort zone is when a person experiences growth.” Ok, you’re not wrong but you’re not right either. Ultimately, it depends on the architecture of your comfort zone. Was I able to draw out my own blue print? Am I able to make my own rules? What are the repercussions if I fail? If I am not able to stick to it will I feel like crap about myself? These are all questions that are important to ask when designing your comfort zone.

Intentions? What are Those?

So, instead of resolutions, I like to set intentions for the New Year. This isn’t to be confused with Day 1 pedal-to-the-metal resolutions. An intention is more of an acknowledged notion of moving forward. Setting an intention removes the pressure of a set-date or time to complete the goal. Setting an intention is like setting your radar or your GPS. You know where you’re going but you have options (highway or surface streets?) on how you will ultimately arrive at your destination.

Another tip to setting successful intensions is asking yourself why this is important to you. Whether it is to lose weight or to stop smoking to improve your health, or maybe it’s to stop impulse shopping to improve your financial situation, you need to ask yourself “why.” Having a reason that is important to you and a reason that actually means something to you helps you to be mindful of the intentions you are setting.

However, the best tip IMO is to stop beating yourself up mentally. Thinking negative thoughts about why you won’t be able to accomplish a goal or getting down on yourself because of a setback is no bueno. Self-demoralizing thoughts sabotage progress and hinder our belief in ourselves. The easiest way to overcome this is to recognize when a negative thought enters your mind then add “but I am doing/making/choosing such and such to change that.” For example: “I am never going to lose weight…but I am making small changes like walking for 30 minutes every day to change that.” Using this method turns your negative into a positive. And when all else fails, fake it till you make it baby!

In Closing

Really guys, I am excited for the New Year. It’s an opportunity to reflect on our own progress and acknowledge new goals. I have set my intentions and am ready to see them come to fruition this year. I hope you have all set your intentions as well. While you’re at it, head over to the “Free Stuff” section and download some freebies to use, especially if your intentions are to improve your finances this year.

I would like to wish each and every one of my readers a safe, prosperous and happy new year. Cheers!